My writing Journey

A seven-year ride.


Hanif Muhammad

12/7/20221 min read

For as long as I've lived I've been inspired by Fictional stories. My favorite Genres include Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Action/Adventure, and Drama. The world of Cinema was the field that excited me most of all. Movies like The Lord of The Rings moved me to tears and made me look at behind the scenes interviews to understand the making and genius behind those productions. Other favorite films of mine include The Dark Knight trilogy, Memento, Watchmen, Terminator, and The Godfather. I've also read and been invested in a decent number of Novels as well, from Gone Girl, The Harry Potter series, The Alex Rider series, And awesome Televisions series like Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I've experienced my fair share of enticing stories though there are many that I've missed out on that plan on checking out in the near future. Since I was kid I often pictured myself in these stories. It was an empowerment fantasy that I've had for the longest. When I grew older my tastes evolved quite a bit. I figured rather than writing simply about myself why not create my own world. My own world with my own rules. My playground would be one in which many would be invited though only at my discretion. It was through this though process that I eventually came up with Sarah Stryker and the man adventures that she, her sister, and her close friends would go on. It's a nod to the many stories that I've moved me throughout my life as well as a bit of my own personal flair and what I desire in a woman and in a character. I hope you will join me on my writing journey because it will be a long one.